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Stupid Livejounal

 megorawrrr and I have decided that LJ now sucks for updating stixcomix. We've now moved to stix-comix.blogspot.com/. We won't be updating here anymore, so if you want to keep reading, best check over there. 
Stixcomix Part Fifteen? Whatever.Collapse )

Holy crap, I actually updated. Go me! :D
PS: Wtf pictures, why aren't you bigger? Effing livejournal.



Jun. 10th, 2007

Hey, I put a character page on the info page! Hoorah!

Who wants another update?

I do! And here it is!

Part NineCollapse )

Part TenCollapse )

I am lazy and have slow internets, so you only get two.


Uptate part three!


Update part two!

And here is part two!

Part ThreeCollapse )

Part FourCollapse )

Yay us!



Here we go for the official opening of STIXCOMIX!

Stixcomix Part OneCollapse )

Stixcomix Part TwoCollapse )


Alas, no update

So here are two little icons for your viewing pleasure. Mind you they were done on the computer and real stixs are hand drawn... If you do use them, please give us credit. :P

Harry and Hermione icon (Non-Stix)Collapse )

French Pirate!Collapse )